We stock a vast range of gifts on the premises, but we have only a small selection listed here as examples. The range of gifts we offer changes on a very regular basis, if there is something specific you are looking for, please give us a call. We'd be happy to help you find that special gift.

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Handmade Cards

Since 1987, Victoria Fair has produced a unique range of hand made cards. With established style and renowned quality, these cards will be the finishing touch to your perfect gift. 
Cards can be made to order for any occasion, but we also stock a range of standard ready to take home handmade greeting cards for the usual occasions (e.g. birthdays, newborns, christenings, anniversaries, weddings, new home etc.). 
If you would like a custom card made then ordering is as simple as picking up the phone...

Gifts for the Home & Person
Irish Blessing Brooches, lapel pins
Saint Figurines
Vast selection of Rosary beads
Celtic Crosses
Willow Tree Figures & Angel figurines
Essential Oils by Amphora
Angel wind chimes & figurines
Gothic, Fantasy and Fairy items
Graveside memorial items
Ladies costume jewelry
Novelty collectible mugs & moneyboxes

Weddings ,Anniversaries and Engagements
Wedding horseshoes handmade with the finest Nottingham lace
Bridal accesories
Hair accesories
Wedding ring pillows
Wedding guestbooks
Wedding photograph frames
Anniversary photograph frames
Engagement photoframes

Silver plated ware
Christening certificate holders
Photograph frames and albums
Rosary beads

Baby/Birth Gifts
Baby gift sets
Photograph frames
Birth Certificate boxes
Plaques with verse
Crib medals

First Communion & Confirmation
Rosary beads (at least 50 different designs)
Bracelets and necklaces
Pens with angel trim
Rosary bead boxes
Lapel pins and ties
Photograph frames and albums
Tiaras, veils , dollybags and satin gloves

Graduation photograph frames & albums
Graduation certificate boxes

Special Days & Seasonal Holidays
Prior to the seasonal holidays and special days we stock a range of gifts for:
Valentines Day
Saint Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
First Holy Communion 
End of school Term (gifts for Teachers)